Being Social BEARD

B – BRITISH. Be British. Socializing was practically invented by the Brits, who now make it their national sport. They dress well, are educated, and their accent never fails to charm anyone.  Having this trait means you can ignore the rest of this Guide. However if you aren’t British, an alternative principle is..

B- BRAVERY: Improving your social skills is definitely going to require that you step outside of your comfort zone – you’ll have to be brave.

E – ENERGY. Have it. Do whatever it takes to have it. (Avoid narcotics though.) Be in shape so you don’t get winded playing a casual game of bar foosball, and eat well. Your energy level is contagious – if you’re tired and sluggish, the rest of your group will quickly follow. Likewise, the Gentleman that radiates enthusiasm and vitality will energize everyone around him, and they’ll reward him for it.

A – AUDACITY. Wherever you find yourself, act like you’ve been there before. Ignore rules about privilege or status concerning what you can or can’t do in a given situation; as far as you’re concerned, you deserve everything you can get.

R – RELATIONSHIPS. Focus on them. Centuries of human wisdom and an increasing body of research tell us that relationships will be the single most important factor determining your long-term happiness in life. Put real effort into maintaining your relationships and nurturing new ones. You’ll need them, and good ones will pay off in dividends.

D – DECISIVE. Don’t waffle over unimportant decisions. Know what to order when you get to the bar. Order the first decent entree you see on the menu and then put the menu down. Speak up with an idea when a group is deciding where to go next. You have instinct for these things, in that you know what you like – being decisive is about letting that instinct guide you, and then not second-guessing yourself.

So there you have it – whether you need to fit in with your new work buddies, navigate the (totally not) complex landscape of a hip nightclub, survive a friend-of-a-friend’s surprise birthday party, or just strike a truce with your possibly-psycho neighbor, just remember your BEARD.