As the Patriots once again inch their way toward the AFC Championship, there’s a good chance you’ll doing more tackling than the entire Cleveland Browns defense. Only, it’s yardwork you’ll be tackling, not wide receivers. As you dust off your leaf blower, you’ll probably also be reaching for an extension cord, one most likely stored in the kind of coiled loop that can only be formed by wrapping it aggressively around your arm and hand – the kind of coiled loop that when unraveled, turns into a twisty, unusable mess (until you spend 5 minutes carefully untwisting it, that is):

People in the touring music business (and who handle hundreds of cords and cables for a living) have long ago developed a secret simple method for storing and wrapping cords that allows them to, seemingly by magic, simply toss the wrapped cable across the stage (or lawn) and have it perfectly unfurl into a straight, untwisted, usable form.

This method is called “over-under” and you should really be using it to wrap and store all of your cables, cords, and ropes to extend their life and reduce the time you spend untangling them. This short video from Making Music Magazine will show you how its done:

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