The Cubicle. The cramped, woefully non-soundproof bane of every entry-level office workers existence. If you’re Neo, your cubicle is just a launching point into being the hero of the Matrix. If you’re the rest of us, your cubicle is a soul-sapping abyss from which you may never return. Now, we’ve covered art and DIY projects for your home, but today we wanted to push the limits of creativity. Seriously, is it even possible to turn that much cheap-smelling gray fabric into anything worth looking at? It’s worth a shot.

Before we do anything, let’s preface this great venture into creativity with our typical legal disclaimer about staying within any clearly defined boundaries your place of work may have regarding decorations. Make sure you read the rules. If you don’t, you’ll never know how to find all the loopholes. Duh. Great decorations are tasteful, intriguing, and great conversation starters for when that cutie from accounting comes to discuss the budget. Cha-ching.

The elephant in the room is those walls. Gah, those WALLS!!! Flimsy steel covered with…canvas? Burlap? Sandpaper? Who knows. The first order of business is to break those up somehow. Throw some color in there. Favorite movie? Hang a poster! Last big vacation? Put up some of your most favorite memories! Channel your inner Piccaso with some art of your own. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can do some pretty nifty work with sticky notes. Or, if you were a fan of the Lite-Brite back in the day, then you can brush up on your skills with some push-pins. Just do something.

Now that the aesthetic is a little more palatable, let’s see if we can’t do anything about that smell. Offices are not widely renowned for their lovely aromas. If you have an open outlet, grab a plug-in freshener with your favorite scents. With seasonal varieties, there’s bound to  be one around that you can spruce up the place with. If all else fails, it’s a well known life-hack that you can hide a few bars of your favorite soap around the place and get that good clean smell going. We at the guide recommend Irish Springs. Trust us. Nothing makes an impression like a clean, fresh-smelling space. When that aforementioned cutie comes around, you’ve already made a statement before any words are shared. Right on.

The final touch to any cubicle reno is to define it as your own. If you sit anywhere for 8-10 hours a day, that place is going to define you just as much as you define it. You might as well make sure everyone’s on the same page. Knick-knacks are great conversation starters and distractions when you need to stimulate a little motivation. Can you solve a Rubik’s cube? Put it on your desk and let someone ask about it. Have a hobby that’s uncommon? Leave some mementos out to remind you of what the weekend holds to look forward to.
If you allow your cubicle to be only a place where you work and you don’t bring a little of you to it, then it will wear you down even faster. Cubicles are not fun, there’s no doubt about it. A Gentleman, however, can bring those grey walls to life. Make it your own, rearrange it regularly to keep things fresh. Keep it welcoming so you look forward to going to work, are more productive, and are the hub of awesome in the office. All good things.

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