Beef jerky is one of those rare foods that is so perfect in every way, that the Universe has conspired to punish humankind for enjoying it too much by making it incredibly expensive ounce for ounce. Our humble budgets usually restrict us only to enjoy it every few weeks or months – it has simply been too difficult for the average Joe to make his own beef jerky in large quantities…until now.



One of our favorite celebrity chefs, culinary legend Alton Brown, years ago pioneered a poor mans method for making jerky that produces a better texture and flavor than 95% of the storebought brands available – and all you need (aside from the food ingredients, dummy) are – get this – a box fan and some furnace filters.

Watch the video below, an excerpt from his show Good Eats (he’s like Bill Nye, but for cooking!), to see how to make the best and cheapest beef jerky you’ll ever taste.



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