You got a little bit too excited about swiping right, didn’t you? You swiped your phone right into your own beer, didn’t you? Now you won’t be able to respond to that girl’s messages or Google Maps yourself to a florist to buy her flowers (yeah, chivalry isn’t dead here at GGE).

You could rush into the closest *insert your phone carrier’s brand here* store (when they open) and spend a few hours getting a new phone and try to transfer all of your information. Or you could fix your phone at home. “Wireless carriers hate this one simple trick!”

We’ve all heard about the “bag of rice” trick, and maybe it even worked for some of us (albeit temporarily). Because as you are about to learn, and as I recently learned, drying out your phone is only half the battle. When your phone becomes wet, unless it is being drowned in a very pure liquid, that liquid will deposit very harmful, microscopic dirt on your important electronic connections within your phone. This will lead to corrosion, even after your phone is dried completely. Dead.


So how do you clean that micro-dirt off of your electrical connections? Like most problems, this one can be solved with alcohol. 99% isopropyl alcohol, in this case. This type of alcohol contains almost pure alcohol and will actually bind with the water and rinse the dirt right off of your precious circuit boards.

Don’t ruin your phone like this. This is boring. 

Unless you want to dig your old phone, follow the steps below.

You can still use rice, though, as a means of drying off the phone AFTER the alcohol has had a chance to soak in and rinse off the phone’s internal components. Just be careful to use raw, unseasoned rice, unless you plan on eating your phone as part of a stir-fry meal.

Step One: Ruin your phone. Get creative! Don’t just drop it in a puddle or into the toilet. Take it down a waterslide! Use it as a skipping stone!

Step Two: Turn it off and remove the battery (if possible).

Step Three: Plop (yes, plop) it in an alcohol bath. Make sure the phone is completely submerged in the alcohol and placed in a closed container.

Step Four: Drink a few beers. This may take a while, maybe a day or two. Let your friends know that they now need to contact you via pigeon or two tin cans on a string.

Step Five: Take it out of the alcohol container and NOW you can put some rice on the phone. Make sure you don’t get rice particles on the internal workings of the phone, or you’re back to square one.

Step Six: Buy a waterproof case.

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