The handshake is the greeting of the modern world. Sometimes, though, it just doesn’t seem like enough.

So when is it appropriate to throw in the hug? We at the Guide love hugs. We’d dole ‘em out every day if we could. On some occasions however, it’s not the best idea. We’ve decided to build you up a little chart to clear up any questions you may have.

Now, as with all things, there are several other considerations. Family, you hug. Best friends for forever? Hug ‘em. Girlfriend’s parents? Play the angle and see where you stand. Of course, for all things business and professional, a simple, strong handshake will be more than sufficient.
Ever had a handshake/hug that didn’t go as gracefully as you’d have liked? Hit us up at the Guide and tell us your stories! Share your pain to let others know they aren’t alone. You know, like a hug.

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