Everyone knows that the way to a gentleman’s heart is through his stomach. What does this mean? It means that a man’s stomach is the weak point in his heart’s armor.   What can a gentleman do? How can he defend himself? Frankly, he can stock his pantry well. He must supply his own stomach with the goodness it deserves. Making sure that a gentleman is prepared for every single craving he ever has is the best thing he can ever do.   Is it daunting? Yes, it is. Is it worth it? Yes…it is. In the initial portion of our series on stocking your pantry, we’ll be talking about what a gentleman needs to keep on hand, just for him. For the sake of awesomeness, we’ll break it into three main groups.
Firstly, proteins. Most men will understand proteins to mean meats. This is largely true, but there exists an abundance of other items that can majorly impact a gentleman’s protein intake. Along with a pantry, a gentleman should have a chest freezer that he keeps well stocked with various cuts of beef, pork, chicken, etc. Ground beef is an incredibly versatile choice to keep on hand. Hamburgers and tacos. Enough said. Aside from the meats however, there are several other options for protein that provide ample opportunity for meal-making. Eggs, beans, and, believe it or not, cheese (specifically mozzarella) are all high protein options that a gentleman should keep on hand.
Secondly, carbohydrates. While proteins provide high doses of short-term energy, carbs are a slow-release energy source to help a gentleman get through his day. Carbohydrates are tricky, and a good carbohydrate is one that also provides a stomach with good sources of other vitamins and minerals. Pasta is the source of carbs that comes to mind most often. However, whole wheat breads, rices, and sweet potatoes are other excellent sources that aren’t too heavy and provide many other nutrients a gentleman needs.
Thirdly, produce. Now, I know, greens usually get the back end of every meal, but they are important. Nothing rounds out the plate like the color that fruits and veggies add. Broccoli goes great with steak. Fresh pepper slices go great with chicken. Having some fish filets? Tack some fresh, lemon-spritzed asparagus on the side, and you’ve got a killer meal. The secret to knowing what green to throw in is knowing pairings, and the only way to do that is to try everything. Nothing is more impressive than a man who can properly prepare a veggie. Not to mention, it’s great for you. Double-win.

Providing himself with a good, wholesome meal every night can keep a gentleman out of a tight situation. When his stomach runs on empty, it makes for bad nights, and bad decisions. A hearty protein, a long-lasting carb, and a colorful veggie makes a delicious meal that a gentleman will never regret. Keeping your pantry stocked with variations of each of these food types guarantees that he will never go hungry again. In next week’s session, we’ll delve into what a gentleman needs to keep in his pantry for when he has guests–planned and unplanned. If you think we missed something tonight, let us hear from you and what you keep on hand to keep your stomach satisfied.


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